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Publications' History of the International Conference on Computers Communications and Control

ICCC 2004

Start Edition and Unique Edition organized at University of Oradea, named International Conference on Computers and Communications (ICCC)

Proceedings (Publishing House of University of Oradea, ISBN 973-613-542-X)

ICCCC 2006

Proceedings (Publishing House of Agora University, Special issue of IJCCC, No.5/2006, ISSN 1841-9836, DOI:

ICCCC 2008

Proceedings (Publishing House of Agora University, Special issue of IJCCC, No.5/2008, ISSN 1841-9836, DOI:

L. A. Zadeh, D. Tufis, F.G. Filip, I. Dzitac (eds.), From Natural Language to Soft Computing: New Paradigms in Artificial Intelligence , Publishing House of Romanian Academy, ISBN: 978-973-27-1678-6, 2008, 268 p.; Full text PDF, Appendix.

ICCCC 2010

Proceedings (Special issue of IJCCC, No.5/2010, ISSN 1841-9836, DOI:

ICCCC 2012

Proceedings (Special issue of IJCCC No.5/2012, ISSN 1841-9836, DOI:

ICCCC 2014

Proceedings (Special issue of IJCCC No.5/2014, ISSN 1841-9836, DOI:

Proceedings (Special issue of IJCCC No.6/2014, ISSN 1841-9836, DOI:

ICCCC 2016

The Proceedings of ICCCC2016 has been published by IEEE and indexed in IEEE Xplore and in ISI Web of Science.

Events dedicated to the Romanian Union Centenary

1. Round Table: The launch of the volume entitled "100 Romanian Theoretical Computer Scientists", published in the Romanian Academy Publishing House, conducted in partnership between the Romanian Academy (acad. Gheorghe Paun, acad. Florin Gheorghe Filip) and Academy of Sciences of Moldova (acad. Svetlana Cojocaru). The volume will be distributed to participants at ICCCC2018.

2. "Expo 100 - Books & Journal" - an exhibition of 100 books with the results of IT research.

3. "100 Hours with Romanian Mathematicians and Informatics fromDiaspora, in the Agora of Oradea" – Special guests at ICCCC2018: Alfred Marcel Bruckstein (Israel); Barnabas Bede (USA) and Valeriu Beiu (UAE).

4. "100 minutes through Oradea" (Beautiful Oradea) - guided tour of Oradea with participants at ICCCC2018.

5. "Beautiful Romania" - Excursion with the participants at ICCCC2018 to Turda Salt Mine Turda and Valea Arieşului in order to promote the heritage, cultural identity and the beauty of Romania.

6. Round table and workshop, with a group of researchers from the project "NANOART-BIOCELL" (budget of approximately 2 million Euro, won on priority Axis 1 - Research, technological development and innovation (RDI) in support of economic competitiveness and business development / Attracting staff with advanced skills from abroad to strengthen CD capacity), lead by Prof. Valeriu Beiu from "Aurel Vlaicu" University of Arad.

7. IT Services Exhibition:

  • BB Computer Services;
  • Enciclopedia “România 1918. Oameni, momente și imagini” este o producție SIVECO Romania, în parteneriat cu instituții prestigioase de cultură și personalități ale societății românești.

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7. Computing Conference

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9. 2018 IEEE/ACIS 17th International Conference on Computer and Information Science

10. The 2018 International Conference of Computer Science and Engineering

1. The 2018 International Conference of Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Systems

12. EAI International Conference on Computer Science and Engineering

13. 2018 International Conference on Control and Computer Vision - ICCCV 2018

14. ISREIE 2018: International Symposium Research and Education in an Innovation Era, 7th Edition, May 17th-20th, 2018

Conferences & Symposiums organized by the Agora University


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Agora International Law Conference: “Prospects and Challenges of 21st Century Law”:



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Agora International Conference “Minorites and Human Rights” (AICMHR):



Agora International Administration Conference) - “International Inter-Institutional Cooperation in the Era of Globalization” (AIAC):



"Brainstorming în Agora Cercurilor Studențești" (BACStud) - International Symposium:

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