Preliminary Program of the International Symposium "Brainstorming in the Agora of Students Circle" BACStud20212

  • Final program of BACStud2022:

Thursday, 13 october 2022

12:00 ÷ 16:00 Accommodation of external participants;

16:00 ÷ 17:00 Displacement of participants to the opening place of the event and registering;

17:00 ÷ 17:30 Official opening of BACStud2022;

17:30 ÷ 19:50

Băile Felix – Hotel Ami/Hotel Termal/Hotel President / UAO

· Participation of teachers and engineering students in the program of the student workshop "Increasing energy efficiency in industrial and domestic consumers - 7th Edition";

  • Presentation of the traditional IQR project;

· Surprise artistic moment;

· Poetic moments with Elena Marica and Cristian Şandro.

University of Agora:

· Presentation of papers in parallel sections / Legal Sciences Section.

20:00 ÷ 22:00 Dinner for external participants at Hotel Ami, Băile Felix.

Friday, 14 october 2022

07:30 ÷ 08:30 Breakfast for external participants in Băile Felix;

09:00 ÷ 11:00 Presentation of scientific papers in parallel sections;

11:00 ÷ 11:30 Coffee break;

11:30 ÷ 14:00 Presentation of scientific papers in parallel sections;

14:00 ÷ 15:00 Lunch;

15:00 ÷ 17:00 Demonstration of practical applications, simulations and “Expo_BACStud 2022”.

Băile Felix

- Practical-demonstrative applications and “Expo_BACStud 2022”- Coordinators: prof. univ. dr. eng. Valentina Balaş, conf. univ. dr. eng. Buidoş Traian, lecturer dr. ing. Barla Eva; lecturer dr. ing. Marinela Bodog:

  • Presentation of robots,cars, etc. from engineering students;
  • “Demonstration of exercises contest and exhibition of technical projects elaborated by students”;
  • Collection of honey samples from the Laboratory of Ecology and Forest Protection & Photography Exhibition "Nature in scientific photography";

· Surprise demonstration moment.

University of Agora:

- “Expo_BACStud 2022” - Coordinator: conf. univ. dr. Alina Angela Manolescu

  • Information activities - European corner - Europe Direct Agora Oradea Center;

· Stands for presentation and promotion of volunteer activities: Agora International Gymnasium School, "Avram Iancu" Gymnasium School, „Nicolae Bălcescu” Gymnasium School of Oradea.

- Simulations_BACStud2022 - Coordinator: prof. univ.dr. Elena Ana Iancu

· Simulated student trial in a civil case - Coordinator: Judge, Lect. Univ. Dr. Doseanu Loredana;

· Simulated student trial in a criminal case - Coordinator: Prosecutor, Lect. Univ. Dr. Liviu Lascu.

17:00 ÷ 19:00 Visiting the Băile Felix resort & outdoor sports and leisure activities through the resort to water lilies and / or in the forest, optionally tour of Oradea with a guide.

19:00 ÷ 20:00 Awarding participants and group photos;

20:00 ÷ 24:00 Festive dinner in Băile Felix.

Saturday, 15 october 2022

08:00 ÷ 09:00 Breakfast for external participants in Băile Felix;

09:00 ÷ 09:30 Knowledge Café section focused on topic " Implementation of projects financed from European funds" – Băile Felix, Hotel Ami – conference room – Speaker: Assoc. univ. dr. eng. Popper Laurenţiu;

09:30÷10:00 Round table on "Education - volunteering entrepreneurship" - Băile Felix, Hotel Ami – conference room – Speaker: Lecturer dr. ing. Mariana Raţiu;

10:00 ÷ 17:00 Mini excursion on Bihor lands or optional with Aqua Park President/Apollo;

17:00 – Departure of participants.

Summary of the activities planned within BACStud2022:

On the occasion of the International Symposium "Brainstorming in the Agora of Students Circle" BACStud2022 will take place:

· Section presentations of the symposium papers;

  • Posters with works by international students and high schoolers;
  • Debates (workshop, seminar, round table, Knowledge Café section) in which students, teachers and pupils, potential employers from the county will participate;
  • Visiting the exhibits (presentation stands, models, advertising materials, etc) presented in“Expo_BACStud 2022”;
  • Simulated student processes;
  • Presentation of innovative results by engineering students;
  • Awarding deserving participants with diplomas of merit, books, etc., following the deliberation of the section manager;
  • Awarding diplomas for participation in the symposium to all participants;
  • Visiting Oradea;
  • Sports and recreational activities / competitions;
  • Visiting the Băile Felix resort, a resort where student evenings and sports competitions will take place;

· Poetic moments with Elena Marica and Cristian Şandro;

  • ,,Beautiful Oradea” – guided tour of Oradea & Visit to Ungurul Mare Cave – Şuncuiuş and House of Proverbs – Beznea optionally with Aqua Park President/Apollo;

· Artistic moments with Asociaţia Folclor fără Frontiere & Datini from Bihor, Alexandrina Chelu - lyrical artist and Raul Bochiş – guitar teacher and Kangoo Jumps with Olivia Burtă & Kinga Sebestyén.

Contact person: Assoc. univ. dr. eng. ec. Simona Dziţac,;