Law & Administration Agora Research

The Law Administration Agora Research (LAAR) centre, launched in 2020, is a research and public engagement centre located in Oradea, Romania.

Research and teaching on the multifaceted aspects of law and governance is a strong tradition at the Agora University of Oradea. Staff and postgraduate researchers at LAAR are engaging in theoretical, empirical and doctrinal researches in a range of fields examining the relationship between law and governance structures in international affairs.

Embracing a wide berth of academic and practical orientations, the Centre acts as a platform for facilitating and publicising our research and policy-related activities as well as providing a forum for interactions, discussion and collaboration between researchers at LAAR and between LAAR researchers and scholars and other interested parties from different organisations and institutions nationally and internationally.

The centre broadly embraces the Agora contextual and interdisciplinary approach to law that situates questions of substantive law, policy, and regulation within a broader social, economic and political environment. Our research, policy and teaching interests include the following: international law, comparative constitutional law, international business law, international and comparative law policies, law and education, international law and sustainable development, criminal law, European Union law and governance.

We seek to engage with LAAR, and external scholars interested in collaborating in related fields of research.

Areas of interest:

Private law:

  • The role of private law in the transition to a more sustainable economy
Research coordinator – Phd Radu Florian
Research team: PhD Loredana Doseanu, PhD Ioana-Luminița Dudaș, PhD Laura Boșca Rath

Law and education:

  • Education legislation – a comparative approach to education for human development in national and international law Research coordinator – Phd. Gheorghina Bârlădeanu
    Research team: PhD Viorina Judeu, PhD Ramona Urziceanu, PhD Eugenia Tarța, PhD Luca Refrigeri

Governance in public administration

  • Public administration and challenges of the humanitarian crisis in the Est European context
Research coordinator – PhD Dan Petrică
Research team: PhD Adriana Manolescu, PhD Liviu Popa, PhD Crăciun Leucea, PhD Casian Butaci, PhD Oana Mateuț-Petrișor, PhD Adrian Bucur.

Forensic psychology:
  • Criminal behaviour
Research coordinator – PhD Elena Marcu
Research team: PhD Dănuța Cuibuș, PhD Giovanna Palermo, PhD Elena Iancu

European Union Law:
  • The EU as a regional and global actor
Research coordinator – PhD Alina Angela Manolescu
Research team: PhD Dan Petrică, PhD Marius Șinca

Criminal law:
  • International intervention in criminal justice
Research coordinator: PhD Giovanna Palermo
Research team: PhD Michele Lanna


Slobomir P. University, Bosnia & Herțegovina
Cyprus Institute of Marketing, Cyprus
University of Lorraine, France
University of Szeged, Hungary
Universita degli Studi del Molise, Italy
Universita "Luigi Vanvitelli", Italy
Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania
AFM Krakow University, Poland
University of Trnava, Slovakia
University of Granada, Spain
Sakarya University, Turkey