Diplomas and Studies' Documents


Diplomas and Studies' Documents

Identification data of the institution and legal base

Name of the high education institution: UNIVERSITATEA AGORA DIN MUNICIPIUL ORADEA

Address: 8, Piața Tineretului, 410526 Oradea, ROMANIA. Ph: +40 259 427 398, +40 259 472 513, Email: secretariat@univagora.ro, rector@univagora.ro

Legal basis on the right to issue diplomas and study papers under the aegis of the Ministry of Education (valid in Romania, the European Union and third countries with which Romania has conventions in this respect):

  1. http://edu.ro/acte-de-studiu
  2. Law of National Education / Law no. 1/2011 (updated in 2021): PDF
  3. Law no. 59/2012 concerning the establishment of the Agora University of Oradea: PDF
  4. Regulation regarding completing, keeping and releasing the study papers: PDF
  5. OMEN no. 4156/2020 for the approval of the Regulations on the Regime of Education in the Higher Education System: PDF

Information regarding the releasing of the diplomas and study papers/duplicates

Timetable for the release of the bachelor' diplomas

  • Wednesday, Thursday
  • 09.00-17.00 hours

Documents required to issue the diploma:

  • ID/Passport,
  • Request + empowerment with notarial authentication (if picked up by another person).
  • Typical forms of requests:

A1) Request for the duplicate of a study document: DOC

A2) Request for the duplicate of the annex to a study document: DOC

A3) Request for restoration of a study document that contains drafting mistakes: DOC

A4) Application for the issuance of the diploma of the legal representative of the holder: DOC

Person authorized to issue diplomas and study papers (contact person):

Conf.univ.dr. Viorina Maria JUDEU

Ph: +40 259 427 398, E-mail: viorina@univagora.ro

Person authorized to handle requests, and complaints:

Prof.univ.dr.ing. Mișu-Jan Manolescu - Rector of the Agora University

Ph: +40 259 427 398, E-mail: rectorat@univagora.ro