Proiect Beyond the Limits

“Beyond the limits: developing entrepreneurship via creativity in schools”

Project supported by EU Turkish National Agency

EU KA 203 Project no.: 2020-1-TR01-KA203-093989

Project partners: Sakarya University (Turkey), Coimbra University (Portugal), Padova University (Italy), De Montfort University (UK), Granada University (Spain), Liepaja University (Latvia), Agora University of Oradea (Romania), CSCS (Italy)

Through this project, we aim to determine the entrepreneurship and creativity levels of students at the first step. After then we would like to develop university students' and teachers’ creativity and entrepreneurial competences via suited educational activities. Thus we propose the following specific objectives:

  • As a core required competence of entrepreneurship and leadership competences, creativity will be a central capacity, at any opportunity to be promoted and stimulated.
  • Conclusively, the project also aims to encourage schools to place greater importance on entrepreneurship education and on organizing entrepreneurship activities to motivate young people to develop their potential.
  • Especially, we expect to directly promote students’ development of entrepreneurship competences through creative and innovative activities to be experienced during Intensive Programs (IP). After analysing the curricula of the partner countries, we have found a low level of references to entrepreneurship and creativity competences.
  • We believe that IP program and international conferences are the optimum settings for achieving such embedment through a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary curricular approach, summoning various partners from different subject-areas.
  • Moreover, it would be of great importance that innovative methods, practices variety and technics get to be applied within a “learning by doing” and intensive technological context.
  • It is our concern to envisage the competences development according to the specific needs of the age of the students.
  • Taking advantage of the preparation of the IPs, academic literature shall be developed for the project target groups. Furthermore, we also expect the production of innovative educational resources, by the appliance and producing of ICT that shall be openly accessible and supported by a sustainable working team at European level.

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Comunicat Participare Erasmus Intensive Programme - Sakarya IP PDF

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