Call for papers

AGORA International Economical Conference, AIEC 2015

Competitiveness and Performance in the EU Economy, 9th edition

5-7 November 2015, Oradea, Romania

November 4, 2015

· 16:00 - 18:00: Arrival and registration of participants


Founded by Adriana Manolescu, M.-J. Manolescu and Gabriela Bologa

Organized By

Agora University of Oradea, Economics Faculty, Social Sciences Department


The Romanian Association of Economics Faculties(AFER)

The event is organized in collaboration with:

In collaboration with:

- Scientific Society of Management from Romania (SSMAR)

- Jean Monnet European Modules:

  • The Free Movement of Persons inside E.U.
  • Economic and Monetary Union.

- Information Centre “EUROPE DIRECT AGORA University”, Oradea, North-West

- Italian-Romanian Research Centre (CERIR)

Selected papers in extensor presented at AIEC 2015 will be published in AGORA International Journal of Economical Sciences (IJES), ISSN 2067-3310, E - ISSN 2067 – 7669, indexed in many international databases as: COPERNICUS, SOCOLAR

Scope and Topics

The AGORA International Economical Conference (AIEC) has been founded in 2007 by Adriana Manolescu M.-J. Manolescu and Gabriela Bologa and it was organized each year on specific subjects in the economical sciences field of study.

In the 9th edition AIEC 2015 are invited to attend Romanian and foreign academics, professionals and researchers concerned of disciplinary and / or interdisciplinary studies.

The organizers have set as objective, to bring to the attention of participants in the economic field, foreign economies comparative approaches, critical analysis and relevant observations to certain economic studies and proposals on the possibility of improving economic activity to increase their effectiveness in the context of a changing global economy and crossed by a series of fluctuations amid crisis. The interdisciplinary thematic sections expect legal studies in science, social sciences, computer science. The purpose of the conference with the theme Competitiveness and Performance in the EU Economy is to bring together interdisciplinary scientific research studies within a framework of international and inter-institutional debate, interaction, in a time when Europe is marked by a series of economic events and social, legislative and political changes affecting performances and economic competitiveness of EU.

In the conference program will be able to enroll research teams, teams of specialists from Romania and abroad with online interventions. For this purpose the organizers will provide appropriate technical equipment and conduct discussions via video conference.

Conference panels AIEC 2015:

Panel 1: Management and leadership

Panel 2: Marketing

Panel 3: Business Administration and Economical – Financial Administration

Panel 4: General Economy

Submission Guidelines

Authors guide (downloadable PDF format here)

Model of article (downloadable PDF format here)


The accepted papers will be published in AGORA International Journal of economical Sciences, AIJES, ISSN 2067-3310, E - ISSN 2067 – 7669 ,IJES, indexed in many international databases as:COPERNICUS, SOCOLAR.

Important Dates

Paper Submission Deadline to the email address – September 30, 2015

Notification of Acceptance/Rejection: October 15, 2015

The fee payment: October 30, 2015