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The paper "Application of Evolutionary
Algorithms for Information Transfer in Smart Power Grids Based on Wireless
Sensor Networks (WSN)" is not submitted in system because the corresponding author do not select some mandatory radio buttons.
Posted: 2019-09-17


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Posted: 2019-04-21

Open Access/ Publication Fees


Warning regarding fraudulent call for papers for submissions or confirmation of acceptance via e-mail: We only accept submissions via our Online Submission System.

This journal charges the following author's fees:

1. Article Submission Fee: 100.00 EUR.

Authors are required to pay an Article Submission Fee as part of the submission process to contribute to review costs.
Submission fees are necessary to cover the cost of processing and monitoring submitted manuscripts, sending the manuscripts through our plagiarism scanning software, as well as minimizing fake papers submissions or frivolous submissions where authors submit manuscripts for free editing and correction with no intention of publishing with us.
The submission fee is covers one submission to IJCCC and is non-refundable (for accepted and also for rejected submissions).
Payment can be performed online or via bank transfer (for details ask editors via e-mail:

2. Article Publication Fee in an Open Access Journal: 500.00 EUR.

Tax publication for one accepted paper (8-16 pages) is 500 EUR and can be payed online or via bank transfer (for details ask editors via e-mail:
Posted: 2018-06-28

Next issues/ Papers in Press


Drafts of the next issues (papers in press):

  • No.6 (December)/2019
    Posted: 2018-06-28